Due to the contingency with COVID 19 and for respect to all who suffer there are no
social events scheduled at the moment.

︎︎︎ Last release ¨No Hay Escape¨, October 16th, 2020.

︎︎︎ Music Books ¨Suite No Hay Escape¨

︎︎︎ Regen

︎︎︎ ISOLADO. Micro photographic and documentary series inspired by times of catastrophe.

¨Isolado En La Niebla¨ with photographer Benjamín Briones Grandi

¨Isolado en el Silencio¨ with photographer Andrés Briones

¨Isolado En Una Isla¨ with photographer Chris Leskovsek 

¨Isolado En El Mar¨ with photographer Pablo Jiménez 

¨Isolado En La Memoria¨ with photographer Drago Goranov 

¨Isolado En Vida¨ with photographer Carlos Musalem

︎︎︎ Los Sueños

︎︎︎ Tonada